Shalom Chaverim
Peace Friends

We are Yaldei HaDerech (Children of The Way). We are a small group of messianic believers from Třinec, in the Czech Republic. Our website is dedicated to the general Messianic Jewish movement. We decided to create this site so that those who can only read Czech will have a place where they can learn about Messianic Judaism as there has not been anything like this on the Internet before now.

We would like to get in touch
with other messianic believers

From the very onset our primary purpose in creating this site has always been to provide an opportunity for all other messianic congregations and groups that may be found in the Czech Republic to better know and cooperate with each other, to pull together and strengthen one another.

For those who are searching for a home or need some support, below is a list of all those who agreed with our vision, liked the idea of being placed on our list and responded to the call to work together for the glory of the Kingdom: Messianic Congregations in the Czech Republic (in Czech)

More about Messianic Judaism

If you have never heard about Messianic Judaism, then please visit our About Messianic Judaism (in Czech) page and enjoy.

We are glad that you have stopped by and pray that you have been blessed,
Shalom U'Vracha BaMashiach (Peace and Blessings in Messiah),
Yaldei HaDerech

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